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Your back lawn is calling for you to come outside and relax!

Patios are low-cost and low-maintenance, this allows you to expand your home’s living space with ease. Often constructed of concrete, concrete pavers, or stone, they are durable and versatile, and can be built to any specification, shape, or size.With a variety of materials that come in any color, Haslag Landscape & Design can design your dream patio and properly install it to add class and value to your home.

Outdoor kitchens

Bring the cooking outside for a change!

Our beautiful outdoor kitchens are perfect for cooking outdoors while enjoying the fresh country air.  Whether designed to be functional or astonishing, outdoor kitchens allow you to display your culinary talents outside.

For those warm, summer evenings when you just can’t bear to leave your pool or garden, Haslag Landscape & Design can plan a space for family meals, social gatherings, and neighborly conversation.

Outdoor Lighting

No patio is complete without lighting.

It’s important that you’re able to enjoy your outdoor space after the night falls. With our outdoor lighting options, there are plenty of ways to add beautiful, purposeful light to your home’s outdoor spaces.

From installing pathway lights for added safety to adding landscape lighting in your outdoor space for a dramatic lighting ambiance, we can do it all for you with careful attention to your needs.

Patio and Fireplace


Kindle new memories with your outdoor fireplace/firepit!

There’s nothing quite like gathering around a crackling, popping flame with family and friends on a cool autumn evening or a long summer night. From joining party guests in a rousing group-sing along to simply staying out late and watching the stars, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit can help spark new favorite memories.

From installing kits to building custom fireplaces & firepits, let Haslag Landscape & Design help you choose a design and fire source that fits your home perfectly.

pergolas & pavilions

Create a functional outdoor area for any weather condition!

Are you looking to increase the level of style and comfort in your outdoor space? Pergolas and pavilions can do just that while also providing shade and extra protection from various weather elements, natural ambiance and character, and so much more.

With endless style and design possibilities, Haslag Landscape & Design will work with you to narrow down the options based on the location and your homes style and surroundings so that the end product matches your preferences and budget.

Retaining Wall

retaining walls

Uneven yards and erosion can be an eyesore.

Whether you’re looking to shape uneven terrain, control erosion, extend or define your outdoor living space, or add dimension to an area with limited elevation, you have plenty of custom design options from which to choose. With the material options of concrete, block, and natural stone being available, Haslag Landscape & Design can build any size and style of wall to make your dream a reality.

Let Haslag Landscape & Design assist you with increasing the charm and functionality of your patio. Request a quote today!

Concrete Edging

Elevate Your Landscape with Precision and Durability!

Enhance your landscape with precision and durability using our premium concrete edging. Crafted for both aesthetic appeal and functional definition, our concrete edging seamlessly complements your outdoor spaces. Enjoy a professional touch with clean lines, ensuring long-lasting beauty for your gardens, pathways, and borders. Elevate your curb appeal and define your landscaping with our quality concrete edging solution.

Driveway replacement

Revitalize Your Curb Appeal.

Transform your property with our expert driveway replacement services. Say goodbye to worn-out surfaces and welcome a new era of durability and curb appeal. Our skilled professionals will seamlessly replace your old driveway, using high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship. From excavation to the final finishing touches, we ensure a smooth process and a stunning result. Elevate the aesthetics of your home and enhance functionality with a brand-new, long-lasting driveway that stands the test of time.