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When you work with Haslag Landscape & Design, you get a team of professional landscape designers who are invested in completing a project you’ll love!

We provide a simple process for you to get started. All it takes is a phone call to schedule your initial consultation. After we have an understanding of your needs, we create a digital design so that can visualize the project when it’s finished. This is an offering unique to us, and it helps you make the best decisions now for how you want your project to look.

Landscape & Design Services

Haslag Landscape & Design provides design and build services to Jefferson City, The Lake of the Ozarks, Columbia and throughout Mid-Missouri. Elevate your outdoor spaces and enjoy time with your family while surrounded by elegant hardscapes.

This low-maintenance option for outdoor improvements provides a great environment for your family to relax and spend time together right at home.

Our beautiful outdoor kitchens are perfect for cooking outdoors, soaking up the sun, and fresh air. The beauty brought by this addition to your outdoor space is indescribable!

Create a beautiful aesthetic with outdoor lighting that provides a new level of beauty while also improves the safety of your outdoor walkways.

Uneven yards and erosion can be an eyesore. We build retaining walls which help to level your yard and control erosion.

Just because the temperatures are cooler doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being outdoors. Let us create a relaxing focal point to your outdoor living area.

There’s nothing quite like spending time outside. Enhance your outdoor living experience  so that it is functional in any weather condition.

Crafted for both aesthetic appeal and functional definition, our concrete edging seamlessly complements your outdoor spaces.

Say goodbye to worn-out surfaces and replace your old driveway, using high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship.


See It Before We Build

By using state-of-the-art visual design software, we are able to show you what your project will look like upon completion, and the best part is: We provide it at no charge in conjunction with your project!

Gorgeous Designs

Not only should your project be functional, but it should also be beautiful! Improve the curb-appeal of your property with aesthetically pleasing walkways, and other thoughtfully designed and built improvements

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What Clients Say

“We had Nick and his crew design and install/build our backyard patio area. We had recently gotten rid of our above ground pool and Haslag Landscaping turned that area into a beautiful patio area to enjoy with family and friends. We are very satisfied with the work done. Nick and his crew were very professional in every aspect of the job. The job was completed on schedule, even with the rain delays they experienced. I have referred family and friends and highly recommend Haslag Landscaping!”

Dan and Mary Knaebel
Westphalia, Mo.

“Nick Haslag was always great about communicating the process. He was honest about the timeline. They were finishing up my the project when I returned home from work. I was able to witness his crew’s attention to detail. Originally I asked Nick for relatively simple planter beds. It’s a small house with not a lot of room for extravagant options. The project was completed late in the year and I always planned on completing the plantings myself. I needed someone to build the walls. Working through the design process, he asks all the right questions. After talking about lighting he convinced me that wall lights would really enhance the landscape. He was right! Now I have some lighting that gives some security and path lighting, while ultimately enhancing the look of the house. Landscaping in the front is about curb appeal and I went from liking the front of my house to loving it.”

Nick Rackers
Jefferson City, Mo.

I HIGHLY recommend Haslag Landscape and Design LLC!!! Not only is Nick extremely well-priced, but he does an absolutely WONDERFUL job. When I first spoke to Nick, I didnt really know what I wanted or how I wanted everything to look. I just knew that I wanted a nice swimming pool area. Nick took his time and asked me numerous questions about my likes and dislikes, and before I knew it, I had a pool area to be proud of. Instead of a barren area outside my basement door, I now have a beautifully landscaped pool area including a firepit, a fish pond, a gorgeous retaining wall, beautiful flowered gardens, and walk ways creatively edged with river rocks. Needless to say, if I ever need any type of landscaping done, Nick will be the only person I will go to.

Anonymous Client
Lohman, Missouri

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